Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my first blog in like a year

so it's been over a year since i've written a blog, and all the ones i did write were all me bitching about how shit my life was when really, all things considered, it was pretty good, hardly worth blogging about at all really.

but now i'm back, and for the few people that will read this you might be wondering what's happened this past blog-free year, so let me fill you in.......

i failed level 2 NCEA (for those of you unfamiliar with the new zealand schooling system that means i failed my second last year at highschool), i went to germany for a little over two months over the christmas holidays, i starting taking my song writing a lot more seriously, i went out with saskia again for a while, we broke up again and now we're just good friends, i bought a new motorbike (which i love very dearly), i wrote my car off when i fucked up a drift, i quit smoking 3 times, quit drugs, went to amsterdam and un-quit weed for the day lol and i'm now in my final year of high school.

my life seems more enjoyable than it did when i last used to blog here, not sure why really though, it's pretty much the same, i have new friends though, i'm mates with all the "emo/scene kids" in my town now lol, they're all really cool and accept me for who i am, so that might be why, but who knows.......

this should do for my first new blog, i'll post some song lyrics up here once i think i have some that are internet worthy, so bye all.

ex oh ex oh

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